1 Small Business Marketing Strategies, Take Responsibility

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Take 100% Responsibility
How many times have you made excuses or how many times have you blamed things or other events in you life for the results that you are currently getting?

Well, STOP it.

If you want to achieve success in your life, then you must be fully responsible for everything that you do and everything that you say.

When we our clients, one of the first things that we coach them on is a philosophy called above and below the line

People who operate below the line do three things, they make excuses about why things were not done the usual one is that they were too busy. They blame other people for their inability to complete a task or worse still, the operate in a mode of denial its not my job, no one told me or I did not know I had to do that .

If you are in and you are busy applying marketing to your business, but are not achieving the results, start to look at how you are approaching life and business.

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