3 Stocks To Buy In Stock Market Crash – The Reason Warren Buffett Makes Money Even In Recession

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US inflation has been reported 7% in the month of December 2021 standing as the seventh consecutive month that the United States is facing the rising inflation of above 5%. And December’s CPI hits 7% for the first time since 1982. The Inflation is again the knocking the Fed’s door that has already announced to have more aggressive tapering which would end up with interest rates hikes at least four times this year. Rising inflation and climbing interest rates are usually taken as negatively affecting the business earnings and market as well. But buying banking business in market seems one of the better options as banking sector generally benefit from the rising interest income in this situation. Sounds sensible??? Let’s watch what the legendary Investor of the time Warren Buffett says about buying banking business.

In this video I will discuss top 3 banking which seem to be safe, stable, and solid investment during the year 2022 specifically, if you are afraid of rising inflation. One of these three has just reported another better Quarter and closed the year 2021 impressively whereas the other two have earnings on this weekend.

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