6 Things to Know Before Shooting E-Commerce Photography + Tips and Tricks to Get Started on a Budget

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When it comes to e-commerce , it can be very tedious work. What sets apart an amateur online store from a professional one? How can you create consistency in your product photos and streamline your process? In this video, we cover 6 critical items to and consider before you even begin shooting for your online store.

Don’t have money for a studio or fancy photo equipment? No problem! We also have a few tips & tricks you can easily apply that will get you professional looking product photos. These tips are so easy, you can literally do it today with items in your house.

To skip directly to a certain topic here are the time stamps for each part.

0:00 – Welcome
1:30 – Creating Consistency
1:51 – Background Color
2:10 – Clipping vs. Original background
2:50 – Product Photo Dimensions
3:17 – Physical Product Dimensions
3:48 – Zoom Feature
4:13 – File Size
5:15 – Budget Tip 01 | Shoot Clothes on a Hanger
9:22 – Budget Tip 02 | Shoot Product in Environment
11:24 – Budget Shooting Warning
12:28 – Budget Tip 03 | What to do if You Don’t Have Lights
13:40 – JohnXSantos for Help with Setup
13:55 – Before & After Example

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