8 Small Business Marketing Strategies for 2018 that Don’t Cost a Dime

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How to market your in 2018 without spending a fortune on Facebook ads or Google AdWords. Have a more in-depth post on my blog that covers these same tactics here: Y

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#1 Create Content for your Website – this helps with search engine ranking as well as building authority in the eyes of your prospective clients. Also post your content on your Facebook page

#2 Record videos answering the most common questions that prospects ask you before doing with your company. Put those videos on YouTube, embed them with your content and put them on your Facebook page.

#3 Run a contest to build your email list. Give something away related to your business, or at least a deep discount. Don’t run the contest for Facebook likes, instead require people to opt-in with their email to enter. Then use that email list to announce the winner and make them an offer they can’t refuse!

#4 Setup a referral program. Use email automation (recommend Active Campaign) to email past customers frequently and remind them of your referral program. Reward for referrals by offering a $25 gift card to gas or grocery locations.

#5 Cross-sell and Up-sell current customers with . Most businesses overlook cross-selling and upselling in the offline world. Don’t overlook the importance of this as selling something to current customers is easier than trying to sell a new lead.

#6 Reactivation, get past customers back in. If you provide a service or sell something people buy, again and again, get an email list going of customers and make them offers to get them back in.

Notice the theme, have an email list, it’s the best asset your business can have!

#8 Protect your reputation. Don’t leave your Google, Facebook, Yelp and other website reviews to chance. Actively ask customers to leave reviews for you on your different profiles. I’ve found it beneficial to use to accomplish this as well.

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