-94% Crash It Will Happen In Next 37 Days, Be Careful This Is Serious Michael Burry New 2023 Warning

It In Next 37 Days, Be Careful This Is Serious Michael Burry Issues 2023 Warning
Michael Burry Issues 2023 Warning – Get Your Money Out Of This Now Before Its Too Late
I hate to say this but 95% of all predictions made by Michael Burry have come true. 2000 dot com crisis, 2008 09 financial crisis, Hyper Inflation warning of 2021, and Crypto and stock market prediction when markets were at their top and everyone expected further 20% upside. crypto is down 80% and stock market approximately 30%.

But now I don’t want this new prediction to come true because a lot of people suffer if this bankruptcy happens. I am making this video to forewarn my audience of upcoming perils. Also note I am not a financial analyst, I am making this video for information and entertainment purposes only.
One should pay attention to warnings of Michael Burry. Anyone who had followed his advice, must have saved his portfolio from destruction. All asset classes are down 30 to 80%.
Now lets get to the main topic of this video.

According to Michael Burry a crypto exchange 9 times bigger than FTX could go bankrupt in early 2023.
The exchange processed trades worth around $1.9 trillion in November, about half of the entire crypto market’s trading volume. That sum dwarfed its former challenger FTX, which handled $230 billion in before filing for bankruptcy, according to data site CryptoCompare.
This exchange accounts for 50 percent of worlds total crypto trading volume on its platforms.
According to Reuters United States Department of Justice has gathered credible evidence to charge that Crypto exchange and its executives with money laundering and sanctions violation.

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