“A Bankruptcy BIGGER Then LEHMAN BROTHERS Is Coming In January 2023” Fed Don’t Want You To Know This

“A LEHMAN BROTHERS Is Coming In January 2023” Fed Don’t Want You To Know This
Things are getting pretty ugly in the global financial sector. We are at the cusp of another global financial meltdown that can send global economy into deep depression. It’s a matter of just days before news start coming out in the mainstream news media.
In this video we will explain this to you in 3 simple steps “Why we believe The Next global financial crisis is around the corner”
Step number 1, Understanding the The FED’s bailout system for the international banking system:
Us Fedeeral Reserve use swap lines to indirectly bailout international banks. How do these swap lines actually work? Watch closely, we have federal reserve on the left and Swiss National Bank on the Right.
Swiss banks are in the news especially credit Suisse, Credit Suisse is Switzerland’s second largest and one of the world’s heavyweights in the sector, is about to collapse. It’s a nightmare scenario, almost a remake of the Lehman Brothers crash on Wall Street in 2008, which triggered a global financial crisis.
Credits Suisse should be an eye opening example…. more heavyweight banks are about to go bankrupt.
Now coming back to our example
Both banks Fed and swiss national bank have their own respective balance sheets with assets on the left side and liabilities on the right side.
So The Swiss National Bank says that it needs some dollars for certain purposes. They will ask the fed to to Swap their Swiss Fracn with dollars. After the swap process is complete those Swiss Francs go to the FED’s balance sheet as assets while those dollars go to Swiss bank’s balance sheet as assets. Moreover, those Francs are now liabilities on the Swiss National Bank while those dollars are liabilities on FED’s balance sheet. You might be thinking that why they are liabilities on each other’s balance sheets.
This is very simple. They have bank accounts at each other’s banks.
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