Bill Gates & Blackstone: How You Should Invest In 2023 – The Biggest Mismatch In American Market

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& Blackstone: You Should Invest In 2023 – The Biggest Mismatch In American Market
In this video we will discuss why the worlds most richest persons like Gates and Larry Elison are buying Real estate directly or indirectly through real estate investment trusts commonly known as Reits. Not only big shot billionaires are buying real estate, Trillion dollar investment funds like Blackstone and Brookfield Asset Management are also buying Real Estate Investment Trusts at large scale. There are two specific reasons why they are buying Reits hand over fist.

In this video we will also discuss retail investors can use this once in a decade unique opportunity to earn 50% capital gain in next 13 months and than receive 9 to 14% dividend yield for rest of their lives and retire happily ever after. You don’t need huge funds to start, investors can even start by investing 100 dollars per month thanks to Reit structures.

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These two charts show the biggest price to earnings mismatch in stock market history. Reits have plummeted 30% on average in last 12 months and some are even down 50% while their funds from operations or distribute-able earnings have improved by 50%.
This price to earnings mismatch is due to overall negative sentiment and panic among investors. Majority of the investors are not willing to take risk and own stocks at this point. But smart money is buying Reits hands over fist. Brookfield and Blackstone, just between the two, they have taken 8 REITs private this year alone.
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