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Blackrock’s CEO Larry Fink recently appeared in a talk show at Bloomberg and shared his view on current economic situation. He said that inflation to remain elevated for several years primarily because of snarled global supply chains. Fink believes that the Federal Reserve doesn’t have the tools on its own to fix supply problems across the economy. And that is why he thinks that the market volatility will continue whereas Inflation is also likely to remain elevated as the economy transitions to greener sources of energy. The BlackRock chief has also indicated that much of the inflation has been generated by large policy changes that have taken place in the United States. But on the other hand, he doesn’t blame the US central bank for the current situation.
Mr. Fink foresees that it was unlikely that markets would stage recovery at least during this year. He also pointed out that the recalibration of growth stocks has made up much of the downfall to date but he anticipates that major indexes were masking some of the problems due to the rises seen for energy and commodity companies.
Although his $9.6 trillion AUM holding firm BlackRock has not observed major asset allocation changes among its investors,the firm did record a significant increase in bond ETF purchases during May this year. So, it is worth listening to his words at a time when the economy is severely under pressure. Before diving into the video take a second to smash the like and subscribe button if you haven’t done it yet. Enjoy watching!

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