Cathie Wood, BlackRock, Vanguard Buying The Dip – Should You???

The technology sector looks to be promising these days. The companies working in this domain are continuously innovating to get a competitive advantage over the others. The future holds unlimited possibilities for companies which have the potential to disrupt the market with their new and unique products. Moreover the tech companies which are dealing in the domain of data collection and analysis are the ones which are going to dictate the market in the coming future as now data is considered to be the new oil. Investing in such a company increases the probability of profit many folds.
One such company which is working in the same direction is the Palantir Technologies Inc. ticker symbol PLTR, a Software company whose software platforms are being hailed not only by the industries but also by the government agencies and departments. Companies such as Airbus, Boeing, 3M, Rio Tinto and BP p.l.c are representing Palantir’s customers from private sector, whereas the Government sector includes many departments such as Department of Defense and Department of Justice which is using its Gotham software for counter terrorism activities.
The company is on a contract signing spree with the government. These agreements have positioned the company to become one of the most important software and tech holding for private and government sectors. The two major and strong revenue streams have made Palantir an attractive and growth stock for the world’s top assets management firms to hold massive stock positions of Palantir. BlackRock Inc. the world’s top asset management firm with 9.49 Trillion Dollars’ worth Assets Under Management holds around 50 Million shares of PLTR, whereas the world’s 3rd top asset management firm with 7.2 Trillion Dollars’ worth Assets Under Management holds over 98.5 Million shares of PLTR in its portfolio.

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