Cathie Wood Predicts MAYHEM Next Week & Warns This Will Get Worse Than 2008 Financial Crisis

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’s flagship fund Ark K has shown disastrous performance in last 12 months. On one hand is predicting a total collapse of US financial system and comparing the current situation with 2008 financial crisis but on the other hand she is buying the most overvalued shares on this planet Earth. Ark Innovation fund is down approximately 65 percent in last 12 months. Some of the top holdings are down 90%. At one time Cathie wood had invested 2 billion dollars in Teladoc stock and you would be surprised to know that these 2 billion dollars are worth just 36 million dollars now down almost 92%.
Now the big question is why is she buying overvalued shares while predicting a total collapse of financial system. In this video we dig deep into the strategy of cathie wood and see what exactly is her strategy and how she plan to benefit from this collapse she is predicting.

In one of the recent videos, Cathie has talked about resisting recession and has made significant predictions about the upcoming months. It would be imperative to say that her thesis is very much surprising for everyone. In other words, it is a true and comprehensive review from a person who tends to lose a lot, if bad times are just around the corner. Her video is 40 minutes long. However, in this video; I will be sharing some of the most significant points which I feel are rational.

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