Charlie Munger Explains How To Use 2023 Turmoil To Get Rich, Buy Now & Never Sell These 2 Stocks

How To Use 2023 Turmoil To Get Rich, Buy Now & Never Sell These 2 Stocks
The banking crisis that started on 9th March has resulted in extremely high volatility in the financial markets. Bond yields were affected by unprecedented events, which lead to trading in bonds that resembled the volatility only seen in the crypto market. At the same time the financial sector has been hit hard, with even the strongest financial institutions and insurance companies seeing significant declines in their stock values. However if you are looking for a stable and fast-growing dividend aristocrat with 120 year history of dividend payments and a promising future than Chubb Limited (CB) might be the right choice for you.after watching how strong the financial and business model is I am sure you will only buy 1 stock for the rest of your life to remain tension free and still increase your wealth and receive handsome passive income.

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