Charlie Munger Warns “Everyone Will Be Wiped Out By The End Of 2022 Do This Now To Survive”

Munger warn investors about the upcoming economic and financial crisis that will affect returns. Investors should prepare for and build solid portfolio to survive the tough times ahead.
Munger is considered one of the most experienced Investor of 21st century. He has 70 years of investment experience, and to put things into perspective, thats more than the age of my grand father.
So when a seasoned investor like Charlie Munger with 70 years of experience speaks we must pay close attention.
The latest interview of charlie Munger has scared me to my core. He is predicting very tough times ahead for business owners and investors.
According to Munger the main reason behind this impending financial trouble in markets is the continued investment from venture capital funds at a reckless speed. The term he used for such spending from VC’s is Wretched Excess.
Because with things being implemented so quickly, the chances of due diligence before investment activities are very slim. Things done in haste makes total waste as we have read and listened everywhere for ages.
There is an increase in demand for the currency when such a high level of investments are done. To meet the increased demand from the market, the option of money printing is opted. We have seen numerous examples of countries having to go through serious financial troubles with money printing in past. Although, it’s not a foregone conclusion that US will suffer from the same fate but the signs are there in the market pointing towards financial trouble in the country.

00:00 Introduction
01:21 Forward Returns Taking Direct Hit
03:26 Volatility To Persist
04:29 High Probability Of Market Crash
05:51 Key Takeaways For Investors
08:15 Charlie Munger’s Special Advice

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