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In this month’s episode of the Better Podcast we help you find niche with guru Richard Toutounji.

The Better Business Podcast by Employsure tackles the big issues in small business. Featuring interviews with some of the industry’s brightest minds and our own experts, each episode is packed with practical tips, advice and strategies to help you build a better business.

Small businesses are often built on big ambitions, hard work, and few resources. Unlike big corporations, they don’t always have in-house HR and legal departments to provide essential advice on key workplace issues.

We believe all Australian employers, no matter the size, deserve access to comprehensive, quality, honest, advice and support that is scalable to the needs of their business.

The Better Business podcast is part of Employsure’s commitment to give small business owners and employers all the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Listen and Subscribe to ther Better Business Podcast on iTunes 2

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