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Marketing Agency creates a community for gym and business owners. Our geographical exclusivity promises to never work with other gym owners in your location who may be competing for your clients. This means that you can meet like-minded gym owners at our events to share ideas without the fear of them competing for your clients.

Our agency also provides continuous support from various teams such as retention and sales. So, if you’ve ever got a question or need some advice, our team is available to help via chat, phone call or email.

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About Ben Davis

Ben started in the fitness industry in 2000 as a minimum wage gym instructor. He soon progressed to a personal trainer and had a full schedule of clients. He soon realised he had reached a ceiling financially as he couldn’t fit any new clients into his schedule. This is when he started studying marketing and opened up his own fitness business and grew it to 253 clients, with 6 staff with being totally redundant from daily operations like training clients etc… He then started helping and consulting with major brands, athletes, fitness entrepreneurs and gym owners to help them with their marketing and this is when the Fitness Marketing Agency was created to service the industry he loves and help people like you with marketing.

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