Google Analytics 4 – Shopify Setup with GA4 Ecommerce Tracking [Step-by-Step]


[UPDATED] Visit the GA4 2022 Edition:

Want to set up (GA4) + E-COMMERCE TRACKING on your # store? We will do this together in 6 simple steps in this beginner-friendly tutorial. You do NOT have to purchase an app or hire someone to do it. #GA4 #GoogleAnalytics4

Shopify GA4 Kit [2022 Edition] t

We have many other important topics as well. Here is the video outline:
00:00 GA4 Ecommerce Setup Free Tutorial & Tool
01:11 Steps Overview
03:01 Free Analyzify GA4 Wizard
03:42 What should you do with as a Shopify store?
04:40 Create the new GA4 and Universal Analytics accounts together
08:11 Upgrade your Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
09:43 Get your Global Site Tag and insert into Shopify
11:23 Analyzify Tag into Shopify
13:25 Debug & Verification / Testing GA4 and Ecommerce
18:00 Analyzify Shopify App Intro

We have a created a free tool that will lead you through the process, generates the code blocks you need, complete your GA4 Analytics Setup on your Shopify store. Google Analytics doesn’t mean much without the e-commerce tracking and reports. We have done this possible for you. Something didn’t work? Leave your comment below and we will do our best to help you!

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