How To Promote Your Business in 2021 | Business Marketing Tips!

Create your own website here: | In this video we will be discussing the different ways of marketing your e-commerce in 2021. This can ALSO apply to dropshipping stores and any type of !

I will be going over the difference between:
External Marketing
Internal Marketing

0:00 – Intro
0:28 – 2 Types Of Marketing Your Online
2:00 – Email Marketing To Grow Your
4:45 – How To Use Email Marketing On Your Website Step By Step: Design
8:08 – Creating a Landing Page For Your Business to collect emails
9:00 – Social Posts & Video Maker Tools
9:28 – How to create coupons and discount codes for your business
9:50 – How to use google SEO tools to get more website views: rank on google search
10:31 – Chat with your customers with a chat on your website
11:00 – More features to gain your customers trust on your website

I have partnered with Wix for today’s video to show you the key ascend business I have been using since switching to the website building platform. These ascend business tools help you not only manage your business – but to also grow your business online.

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