Leon Cooperman’s Sincere Advice: Just 3 Stocks & The Perfect Timing Can Help You Retire In 3 Years

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Cooperman’s Advice: 3 Stocks & The Perfect Timing Can Help You Retire In 3 Years
Billionaire investor Cooperman recentlysaidthat the US is going through a “textbook” financial crisis and went on to warn that the S&P 500’s returns will be very weak for a long timeto come. Cooperman has warned markets of an upcoming recession, and said stocks could plunge 20% this year.
Still, the billionaire investor — and former chief of Goldman Sachs’ asset management division — noted a market downturn could throw up some great deals for bargain hunters.

“I’m not a bull, I’m not a bear. I’m like a buffalo who’s finding a lot of cheap stocks,”
Listen to Legendary Leon Cooperman and than we will highlight 3 stocks to buy from the upcoming crisis to earn handsome money.
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