Michael Burry’s Dire 2022 Inflation And Financial Crisis Warning For Investors

Today’s video is about Burry, who is often called a “broken clock” by the market experts. This is due to a very specific reason because historically Burry has made money from market crashes. You would be surprised to know that while Nasdaq is Down 30% from highs Burry has earned 43% return on his investments this year so far . Even when S&P500 crashed in 2001, the portfolio of Burry was up by 55%, whereas, in great financial crisis of 2008, Burry was able to make $800 million by shorting the market and later this move was immortalized in a movie called “The Big Short”. highly recommend you to watch that movie.
During last year June 2021, Burry tweeted that currently the market is in the phase of “greatest speculative bubble” of all times and he is expecting a huge crash.
Since last year the market has been crashing and to date there has been a huge decline of around 30%. This video is about how Burry has been able to make millions in the recent market crash and what investors should know about the future of market. But before going into details. Just a quick request to like the video and subscribe to our channel to watch more informative videos like these. Enjoy Watching.

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