Michael Burry’s SHOCKING Prediction: Do This Next Week To Survive “It Will Be Bigger Than 2008”

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Burry’s Prediction “It Will Be Bigger Than 2008” Do Next Week To Survive
Dr Burry has started singing again. And as usual his wordings are Epic and full of cryptic lessons.
He recently tweeted.
“2000, 2008, 2023, it is always the same,”
“People full of hubris and greed take stupid risks, and fail.”
In video we will discuss Michael Burrys 2023 warnings and how investors can learn from his warnings instead of cursing him. Because his warnings have so far helped a lot of people. So we will adopt a positive approach. According to Burry banking crisis will resolve quickly but we need to prepare for another crisis bigger than banking crisis of 2023.
Listen carefully and don’t skip. Everything will start to make sense for sure if you you watch completely.
Michael Burry, has compared the current financial turmoil, following the collapse of multiple banks, to the Panic of 1907.
He recently tweeted.
In October 1907, Knickerbocker Trust failed due to risky bets, sparking a panic. Two others soon failed, and it spread. When a run began on a healthy Trust, J.P. Morgan made a stand. 3 weeks later the panic resolved & markets bottomed. A stand was made this past weekend.
“This crisis could resolve very quickly. I am not seeing true danger here.”
So burry is not seeing any banking crisis instead he is warning about a bigger investment bubble crisis.
Let me give you full details.

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