My Honest Advice: More Bankruptcies Are Coming, Start Accumulating This Asset With $30 Every Week


My Advice: Are Coming, Start Accumulating This Asset With $30 Every Week
Greg Foss is a highly respected financial markets professional with a long and successful career in the field. He has spent over three decades trading high yield credit, and has developed a deep understanding of the banking sector and the factors that affect them.
Throughout his career, Foss has held a variety of roles in the financial industry, including positions at major investment banks, hedge funds, and other financial institutions.
One notable aspect of Foss’s success is his focus on risk management. He has developed a number of innovative strategies for managing risk in high yield credit trading, which have helped him to navigate volatile markets and deliver consistent returns for his clients.
Commenting on the Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s claims that the U.S. banking system is ‘sound and resilient.’ Foss says he disagrees with Powell, and predicts that banks are likely to fail. And one American bank could even fail over the weekend. He also highlights that the Europes largest bank is about to go bankrupt due the same reasons American banks are going bust overnight. Imagine Worlds Second Largest bank going bankrupt.

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