No One Listened To Me, Now See It Happening In Next 15 Days – Burry Predict 75% Crash In September

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Michael Burry has sold everything from his portfolio and the reasons behind it are alarming, he recently tweeted, “Winter is coming.” In this video we will discuss why Burry sold all of his stock market positions and why he is not buying anything .
Burry has been warning recently that a massive stock market crash is imminent. In a recent warning he told investors not to get over excited about the stock rallies as previous downturns also witneesed some temporary rebounds before spiralling.
He wrote on Twitter, that he “can’t shake that silly pre-Enron, pre-9/11, pre-WorldCom feeling”. He referred to three past events which resulted in a fall of around 75%.
But, what he recently did is beyond imginations. He liquidated all his holdings and the reasons are devastating.
In my previous video, I discussed about 165 million worth of 11 stocks Burry was holding; I tried to provide the justification of his hold stance. However, the most recent news is that Burry has closed all his long positions except for GEO group stock. Burry’s liquidated positions include Alphabet, Bristol Myers Squibb, Meta Platforms, Cigna Corp. , and put position on Apple (AAPL), among others. All of these companies had the characteristic of pricing power. But still, Burry has liquidated his positions. He decided to do this right after his tweet
“Nasdaq up 23% off its low. Congratulations, we have the average bear market rally. Across 26 bear market rallies from 1929-1932 and 2000-2002, the average is 23%. After 2000, there were two 40%+ bear market rallies and 50%+ rally before the market bottomed.”
The stance of Burry has been that the economic conditions of the US are not so good, and he is expecting a market collapse sooner than later. He has been comparing the current economic and market conditions with that of 2008 in recent time. Everybody knows that Michael Burry has his bearish over his expressions of concern about inflation, the economy, and markets in general (as well as politics). But, his sudden liquidation move is not clear and sounds to be inconsequential.

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