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vs Philippines –

This video shows the head-to-head economy comparison between and the Philippines using the most recent comparable data from reliable and trusted sources. It also shows the difference between an advanced economy and an emerging economy. Which country do you think has more economic advantage? Write down your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Economic indicators include GDP, Labor Force, Exports, Imports, Macro-economic Indicators, Finances, Trade and Infrastructure.

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1:22 Currency
1:41 Population
1:52 Government
2:13 GDP
2:52 Prices
3:07 Threshold
3:17 Statistics
3:33 Labour Force
3:54 Industries
4:27 Credit Ratings
4:40 Money
4:49 Business
7:23 Trade
9:56 Statistics
10:20 Infrastructure

USD – United States Dollar
GDP – Gross Domestic Product
PPP – Purchasing Power Parity
HDI – Human Development Index
GWh – Gigawatt Hour
MW – Megawatt
kWh – Kilowatt Hour
bbl – Barrel
cu. m. – Cubic Metre
km – Kilometre

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