Ray Dalio URGENT Message: America Is Entering A Horrific Financial Crisis That Only 10% Will Survive

Message: America Is Entering A Horrific Financial Crisis That Only 10% Will Survive
Recent events have raised questions about the stability of US dollar. Concerns are there if US dollar will continue to be the reserve currency of the world. The main triggering factor for the situation is the rising power of Brics countries and their currencies. It is expected that in year 2024, US dollar may collapse because of involvement of BRICS currencies in global trade. The theory is further strengthened after the world woke up to the news that China, Saudia Arabia and Brazil have decided to use their own currencies for international trade rather than the US dollar. Basically, China, the second largest economy is gradually abandoning the US dollar. In this video, we will be talking about what is happening, why is it happening, and what impact it has on everyone watching this video. Above all, is this even something to be worried about? has described the regular and imminent downfall cycles of every major economy once every 100 years and how one be best prepared for the current scenario.
Since 1945, the US dollar has been the strongest currency around the world being the reserve currency. It is the currency which is accepted around the world. It has been 8 decades that the US dollar is enjoying this status due to its stability and safety resiliency. The purpose behind adopting this system was to keep the prices stable around the globe. It includes alleviating the exchange rates volatility, price of investments, and prices of commodities like oil and gold. It didn’t matter what currency you have; you were supposed to deal in US dollars. When there are several countries trading with each other, having a universal currency with a predictable value to proceed the transactions around the world is the best idea indeed. Otherwise, you may fall into risk of paying in currency which is difficult to be exchanged or its value falls by the time you change it into your own currency. In other words, it is the value transfer via US dollar where everyone agreed to be safe.

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