Robert Kiyosaki For God’s Sake Please Listen “Collapse Is Coming But This Will Make You Millionaire”


God’s Sake Please Listen “Collapse Is Coming But This Will Make You Millionaire”
Look at the smile on the face of as he discusses his concerns about the bond market and its potential impact on the US economy during his recent interview with Fox Business. We know why he is smiling despite the worst financial conditions in the market. Watch this clip and listen carefully Than I will explain why he is smiling and what we can learn from his experiences and how we can make money in this turmoil.
Kiyosaki has a history of making predictions about economic events and trends that have later come true. No one believed him when he predicted the collapse of Lehman Brothers before it happened, which gives him credibility as an economic commentator. Now once again major banks are shutting down in United States and Robert warned investors a month ago that a giant crash is coming for financial markets. Robert Kiyosaki, says that another bank is set to crash following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the voluntary liquidation of Silvergate Bank. He stressed that the situation would positively impact precious metals. It is quite possible that Kiyosaki’s smile during the interview was a reflection of his previous experiences in making such predictions and that not being initially believed by investors. This video will cover Robert Kiyosaki’s most recent predictions, warnings, and recommendations for investors.
The global banking sector has experienced turmoil in recent weeks due to a series of bank collapses in Europe and the United States. According to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Credit Suisse, which is Switzerland’s second-largest bank, is the next bank to collapse after the two biggest bank collapses in the United States. Credit Suisse is also an investment bank and stands among the largest banks in Europe and worldwide. Kiyosaki tweeted on March 10, 2023, that this situation would have a positive impact on precious metals.

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