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Business Strategies Gone Sour.

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Okay in this video we are going to look at Strategies Gone Sour.

You can teach small business marketing strategies all day long,

but if your audience doesn’t grasp them and understand the importance of marketing,

they simply will not get any value out of it. It’s really strange.

It’s like putting a 747 in the hands of an experienced pilot versus someone that knows nothing about flying.

One of the biggest issues I see in small business owners is not having a marketing mindset.

Also, a lot of entrepreneurs are confusing marketing strategies with sales strategies.

They think selling is the same thing as marketing but selling is only one aspect of a small business’s marketing effort.

I define selling as what you do when you’re face to face or on the phone and attempting to either

communicate the benefits of your services or your product,

then identify pains that your product or service will eliminate and offer your prospect a solution to their pain/problem.

Marketing strategies are things you do to get someone face to face with you or on the phone,

in a seminar, on your email list or whatever your sales environment is.

If you do your marketing right the only people you’ll end up with are prospects who fit these criteria which is

they are interested in your product/service and pre-qualified.

There are thousands of great salespeople starving to death because

they don’t have anyone to present their product/service to.

They don’t know how to get people face to face with them,

people who are motivated in doing business with them.

They just don’t use marketing at all.

As a small business owner try to find a small group of people that does business with you over and over again.

Build rapport, establish a relationship with them,

know exactly what their pains are and offer them solutions.

Focus on relationships, not a one-time sales transaction.

Continue to market to this group continuously because they will refer people to you,

provided you do a good job fixing their problems.

Your marketing strategy must enable you to enter a conversation in your prospect’s mind that’s already existing.

Selling a race car if your prospect is shopping for safety is incompatible with what goes on in her mind.

Having a marketing strategy means owning a marketing mindset and

creating an environment of dialogues not monologues.

Your marketing must answer the prospect’s question “Who can I trust?”.

Before that question is not answered which then diffuses your prospect’s fear, no transaction will take place.

Let’s say one of your marketing strategies is to get people on the phone

and then sell them your product/service over the phone.

Here’s how you could do it: instead of putting your name, rank, serial no… on your business card,

drive people to a free 5 min recorded message telling them all the great stuff about your business.

A three-minute video works wonders.

My point is, the right small business marketing strategies can turn a simple piece of paper, a card,

and turn it into a great lead generator with a perfect sales pitch on autopilot.

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