The Recession That Will Affect A Whole Generation – Dire Warning For Americans

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There are telltale signs US economy will enter period by end of 2022 or early 2023. all major investment and research houses are predicting a . Us Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell himself hinting of inevitable recession. Due to his position, he just simple cant say it clearly “Hey folks brace your self we are entering a decade long recession”. but there are clear writings on the wall.
Recession is a word which creates fear among public. It is a significant, persistent, and widespread contraction in economic activity. Recession is not a new thing; in fact it had happened quite a few times in the past. If we look at the graph, the shading denotes recessions which have happened in US since 1950 to 2020. It is evident that every time there is recession the unemployment rate increases significantly. Historically the highest unemployment during a recession period was back in 2008 during Global Financial Crisis; however this record broke during COVID-pandemic in recent times. Every time there is recession, the stock market faces down turn.
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