Tip 5 of 21 Small Business Marketing Strategies – Quality Content

Thank you! I created this guide to help savvy owners like you get more out of your marketing spend. Before you spend $1 advertising, here are 21 things you can do right now to grow your . The 21 tips are based on the “Four Mores of Marketing”.

more customers
more dollars
more product, and
more often.

Google and social media platforms reward consistent posting. Ideally, aim for one post per week, but prioritise quality over quantity. Share advice, opinions, how-to guides, tips, case studies, responses to announcements, professional milestones, personal stories, local events, content from your referral partners, and more. Don’t limit yourself to Facebook. You’ll get higher reach and engagement on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Google My Business at less cost than on Facebook. To improve your Facebook results, share your posts to the groups you’re connected to.

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