Warren Buffett Explains How To Invest In 2023 With Small Amounts & Score Big Returns


How To Invest In 2023 With Small Amounts & Score Big Returns
Warren How These 2 Wonderful Companies Can Make You Rich In 2023
Warren Buffett once said “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”
This is the most misinterpreted quote of Warren Buffett.
One way to misinterpret Warren Buffett’s value investing is to assume that the only criteria for buying a stock is that it should be undervalued.
This quote was intended to correct that misunderstanding.
There are many companies with poor fundamentals that are undervalued. Being undervalued is not an all-telling sign that a stock is a good buy. Rather, the primary task of the investor is to consider if the stock has good fundamentals to begin with —if the company is wonderful.
I used to buy companies trading down 30 to 50% from their recent highs in anticipation that they will rebound to their old high prices, but they kept on decreasing or trading at the same range for years to come. Only than I understood the true meaning of this quote of Warren Buffett. After that I started investing in companies with superior track record and price performance momentum. This Changed my investment returns very positively.
Now I only invest when I believe that a company is wonderful business, only than I should start the process of ascertaining if it’s undervalued, overvalued or fairly valued.

In this video I will discuss one company that perfectly fits in the Warren Buffet’s Criteria of “Wonderful Company” available at fair price. This chart will convince you that this is a wonderful company. While market is down 18% in last 12 months this stock is up 20% in last 12 months. And the beautiful thing is this rally has just begun, a lot has changed for the company and management is super bullish on the future business prospects.
It has strong business model, healthy financials and strong future outlook.
This company is none other than Ferrari Ticker symbol Race.
Ferrari has superior brand-recognition, coupled with superb supercars and a very predictable business model.

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