Warren Buffett: How You Should Invest In 2023 – A Life Changing Year For Most People

Buffett: Should Invest In 2023 – A Life Changing Year For Most People
If we look back to the last 10 to 15 years, the financial markets had an unprecedent growth. Specifically, 10 years after the global financial crisis bottom, the stock market scored one of its best decades in nearly 140 years. Since then, the earnings of the S&P 500 have roughly doubled and the price has more than tripled. Undoubtedly, the major catalyst for this unprecedented growth was cheap money. Because during that period the highest interest rate was 2.5% back in 2019. So, it has been easier and cheaper to access money. And as a result, this made it easier for businesses to expand, investors to make more money, and valuations to grow. By the end of 2019, it was perceived that whatever one buys, it doubles in no time. So, the bubble busted, but this time, it was a pandemic. And finally, the historic decade-long run came to an end, the investors’ enthusiasm started waning, and they started pulling out their money from the stock market. The pandemic led the world into chaos, businesses were shut down, and the financial markets collapsed. The recession was dark and the world of investment was brought to its knees.
The central banks across the world started printing money to help their governments to cover some of the pandemic-related spendings. Similarly, the US Fed also printed trillions of dollars. And ultimately the printed money was flooded into the economy in form of stimulus checks, bailout packages, etc. But the free money couldn’t save the US citizens. This debt monetization inflated the economy and the US has to see a 40-year high inflation rate in June this year. And now the US citizens are living with decades high inflation with each and everything becoming out of reach. After inflating the economy, the US Federal Reserve again jumped in and started raising the interest rate. But the consequence of this aggression is awful. This rise has made it difficult for businesses and citizens to access money. These aggressive moves have halted the economy. the panic spread to the financial markets. For instance, we saw a freefall in cryptocurrencies, many big names in the corporate world are struggling, the real estate sector is falling, and the equity market is declining as well. A major sell-off from investors can be seen in the wake of fears that the world is on the brink of a terrible recession. But for the investors, what is the right time to enter in the market?? When the markets are already at peak?? or when everything is on sale?? In the investor’s world, it is a known fact that crashes are the best time to become rich. And usually, the crashes occur after a long time. So no one can say with confidence that people will see another time in your life when everything would be on sale…But the question is, isthis the best time to build your wealth??? Let’s dive into the answer that whether it is the right opportunity. And if yes, can one take advantage of this time??

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