Warren Buffett: This Is How Most People Should Invest Small Amounts In 2023 To Become Millionaire


Buffett: Is Most People Should Invest Small Amounts In 2023 To Become Millionaire
Have you ever wondered why all the rich people you see on media have one strange fact in common. That fact is “Majority of their wealth have come from their one hit wonder business or investment”. For example Jezz Bezos earned his fortune from Amazon, Bill Gates earned billions from Microsoft, similarly Steve Jobs earned billions from Apple. Same goes for Elon Musk, he rose to fame as Tesla Inc. Leader and became richest man on earth although for a brief moment.
Have you ever wondered stock market legends have earned their fortune??
The most successful investment of Buffett is in Apple Stock. Majority of his portfolio is invested in Apple stock. Cathie Wood earned 1200% return on his Tesla bet, legendary investor Bill Miller made billions from Amazon stock, Ron Barron earned 10x return on his tesla stock bet and still says this stock can go to 1500 from its current price of 170.
So in this video we will discuss one investment opportunity that can change your fortunes forever just like the successful investment of Warren Buffett, Cathe Wood and Ron Barron.
So whats stoping you from making the biggest investment decision of your life to change your fortune forever. If nothing than lets dive in and discuss the opportunity.
But before moving on I just want to clear one thins, well to be honest I am not talking about 1 month time horizon or 3 months time horizon. Only watch this video if you are willing to hold your investment for at least 3 years.
All industry giants are peaking their growth cycle. Apple, microsoft amazon are nearing their peak business. But there is one company that is still growing at 40% compound annual growth rate and analysts are expecting it to continue to grow and capture global market share of at least 40% in next 5 years. And Many investors are saying that this is the best time to accumulate this stock when there is chaos in the market and prices are depressed due to overall negative market sentiments.
This company is none other than Tesla Inc. Watch what famous people have to say about tesla and than I will explain my investment thesis “How tesla stock can 10x from here.”

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